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TchebyFlow breakthrough technology provides Ultra-Fast and 100%-Fidelity complex equation solvers for perfect predictive numerical description of complex and multi-scale behaviors in Thermic, Fluidic, Acoustic, Vibrational Mechanic, Electro-Magnetism, Chemistry, Electro-Chemistry, …

Your Challenges

Reduce cycle time of design & optimization, and implementation of products & complex systems

Get 100% confidence in results of equation solvers and get faster results vs existing solutions in a ratio of 10, 100, 1.000 +

Improve KPI of budget global economy

Thanks to the downscaling brought by the significant reduction in R&D and OPEX time in your design and development processes for complex products

Increase your CSR commitment

Increase RSE commitment thanks to drastic reduction of consumed energy


Cost savings with optimized designs

Time savings: more time for creating added-value in your R&D team

Energy savings: less CPU time thanks to ultra-fast feature, lowering impact on the environment

The exact numerical mirror of reality world: hi-reliable predictive models with 100%-fidelity results

Get the exact precision you need


Industrial Innovation

Metallurgy & Materials / Aeronautic & Space / Automotive / Energy / Chemistry / Hydrology / Environment / Civil Engineering/ Industry

Ultra-fast & 100%-fidelity predictive description of complex and multi-scale (macro/micro/nano) behavior in thermic, fluidic, acoustic, mechanics & vibratory mechanics, electro-magnetic, chemistry, electro-chemistry, …

Bank, Finance, Insurance

Ultra-fast & 100%-fidelity predictive risk analysis.

Smart City

Mobility & traffic

Ultra-fast & 100%-fidelity predictive description of road traffic, crowd movements at the state / city / block / building scale.

Publics Labs & Education

  • Public Research Centers
  • PhD, Research Contract
  • Engineer Degree

Services & Products

For Industry

Provision of services designed for meeting your requirements:

  • You provide your model (CAD and/or mathematical equations), your parameters and expected accuracy
  • We architect on demand equation solvers
  • We run solvers with ultra-fast performances and 100%-fidelity results
  • We deliver a results report: results for your use case & CPU performances
  • UNIQUE IN THE WORLD: TchebyFlow engine guarantees both scientific numerical results that meet your accuracy requirements, and get results in faster time than any other solvers in the world

Products For Academia

TchebyFlow technology opens a new era for teachers & students for performing virtual experiments, with 100%-Fidelity – it’s unique, of physical phenomena in thermic, fluidic, ….
It contributes (1) to change mindset to new concepts which are behind TchebyFlow technology, (2) to understand the new paradigm, (3) and to adopt a new look on the physics:

  • Elementary Technological Bricks + User Manual
  • Partnership Academia-TchebyFlow-Industry

TchebyFlow Technology

TchebyFlow technology leverages on mathematical Theory of Approximation (Chebyshev, 19th Century). Exploiting the full calculation power of the 21st-Century technologies, it guarantees the exponential convergence of numerical results with the grid refinement, a grid whose structure is unique. No more worry about choosing the « right » grid, structured or not, made of triangles or else, no more worry about grid local refinement as it is the case with all the traditional methods (finite elements, finite volumes, finite differences). Furthermore, numerical discretization of mathematical model is 100%-Fidelity with the model. There is no introduction of ad-hoc numerical tricks or supplementary ad-hoc models (upwind, …). As a result, TchebyFlow delivers a numerical solution which is completely free from any bias (artificial viscosity, erroneous flux conditions on the boundaries, …). It is THE solution to the mathematical model. It’s unique.

TchebyFlow solves integro-differential equations with SPACE-TIME global approach: What is happening anywhere at any time depends on everything elsewhere, before and after.

Technology is suitable for both non-periodic & periodic functions. SPACE-TIME polynomial expansion transforms a derivative into a full & ill-conditioned matrix. This leads to extremely efficient differential solvers thanks to TchebyFlow know-how. No more Past-Present-Future concept No more Time Marching consideration.

By nature, TchebyFlow technology guarantees THE numerical solution with 100%-confidence. Solutions are obtained from ultra-fast & 100%-fidelity TchebyFlow solvers. Any multi-scale (simultaneously macro/micro/nano) behavior is particularly perfectly resolved, in thermic, fluidic, acoustics, mechanics & vibratory mechanics, electro-magnetism, chemistry, electro-chemistry.

Technology results from 50-year scientific career path. It leans on unique & optimal solving methods, enriched by a library of generic technological bricks.

Special Interest Group

This group gathers scientific experts, researchers and pioneer users of TchebyFlow technology.

It discusses about TchebyFlow value proposition, industrial and academic relevance, added-value with respect to the traditional solutions. It also participates to its evolution and evangelization with the goal of making it a de facto market standard.


TchebyFlow is a French innovative starting-up company, created in 2015, labelled French Tech. It accumulates 70 years of expertise in Physics, Mathematics & Scientific Calculation. It leans back against the Business Innovation Centre of Montpellier, # 2nd incubator Worldwide in 2018. TchebyFlow is also a member of ESA-BIC network since 2018.

Gérard Labrosse

Retired Pr Universities

Marc Champsaur

Marc Champsaur


Christophe Dugas

Strategy, Innovation Marketing & Business Development Consultant

Erdem Uguz

Technical  Consultant
PhD hydrodynamics USA & France


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